Friday, 23 November 2012

Winter Wedding Tips

When you are having a Winter Wedding things to bear in mind.

'Photographers Tips'

Always check the weather forecast leading up to your wedding, it might nit be raining on your day but if it has been wet running up to the wedding the ground will be wet and muddy.

I always have umbrellas handy but don't forget your own!! 

Always be prepared for the cold do you turn blue with the cold?

Have a Bolero Jacket or similar, don't forget you can always take it off.

Do you get big goose bumps when cold?

There's a better chance of rain! Do people have umbrella's ?

Always bring a pair of Wellies (you cannot see them under dress unless you have a 50's style short dress)

Do you really want to spoil your Jimmy Choo's 

or your Gina's??

Why not jazz up your wellies?

How about some pink "Hunter Wellies"

Keep a eye on the time on a good day from mid November till mid January the light has gone for taking photos at 1.30 pm 

But you could be lucky and get some gorgeous low warm light.

a frozen lake it never got above 2 degrees this wedding day

But look at the light with the early sunset

But on a lighter note with the 'British Weather' you could need all of the above in the summer :)

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